A Higher Standard of Clean

Kaeb Sanitary Supply, Inc. is an exclusive provider for Buckeye products in
McLean, Livingston, and Woodford County. Buckeye offers the highest quality
floor care products in the industry with finishes that do NOT powder when burnished
and do NOT yellow over time. You can extend strip out cycles thereby saving product
and labor costs by using Buckeye floor finishes. Buckeye offers an extensive line of
products that are professional grade, innovative, and reliable. Contact Kaeb Sanitary
today to have us show you how Buckeye can make your facility look better and save
you money at the same time! (Link to Demo Page)

Additional product brands are available for purchase through Kaeb Sanitary Supply, Inc.
including Nyco Brand Chemicals. Nyco has been a supplier to Kaeb for over 20 years and
offers high quality products at very competitive prices.

We also offer chemical proportioning systems that automatically dilute chemical with water.
These systems work with any of our concentrated chemicals and provide better chemical
performance, labor savings, improved employee safety & reduce chemical waste.

Chemical training and demonstrations are available for all products that we sell.

Floor Finishes & Strippers
Carpet Spotters & Extraction Cleaners
Floor Cleaners & Degreasers
All-purpose Cleaners
Laundry Detergents
Green Products