Providing you with industry-leading sanitary products and strategies.

Regardless of industry, we’re your partner for clean & safe environments.

Our team is made up of Sales, Customer Service, Warehouse/Drivers, and Equipment Tech all with the same focus –  taking care of the customer first.

This looks different for each position. Sales staff focusing on training and education for customers. Customer service making sure the products match the task the customer is performing.  Warehouse/Drivers making sure customers have products on time and where they want it.

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Industries Served
  • Schools
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Offices
  • Government
  • Building Service Contractors
  • Churches
  • Food Service
  • Parks & Rec
  • And More
Our Specialties
  • Cleaning Supplies & Products
  • Infection Control Plans
  • Disinfecting Strategies
  • Cleaning Consultations
  • Warehouse Delivery
  • Equipment Tech
  • Training & Education

We serve the Bloomington, Peoria, Springfield and Champaign Areas.

Our team is made up of sales, customer service, warehouse/drivers, equipment tech all with the same focus – taking care of our customers.

Equipment Repair

We service all major brands of cleaning equipment.  Our techs have the experience to get your old equipment working like new.  Warranty repairs are fast & easy with Kaeb Sanitary performing the work and also interfacing with the manufacturer so you don’t have to.




Equipment Demonstrations 

Chemicals and Procedures

Product Comparison 

We want to be your partner for a clean and safe environment!

If you need a closer look at any of our products don’t hesitate

to contact us for a free demonstration.

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Training & Education

Besides our online education, we conduct onsite training.  Below is a list of training that we provide.  Contact us if you are looking for something specific that you don’t see below.

SDS/HazCom Training

Infection Control Education & Training

Proper Cleaning & Disinfection Procedures

Equipment Specific Demonstrations 

Chemical Specific Training

We also offer training programs via our manufacturers. Schools can take advantage of our Buckeye Honors program. For our healthcare customers, we offer the Triple-S Bridging the Gap training program.

We want to be your partner for a clean and safe environment!

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Partners in Protection

Establishing for Protection

We help you establish the right cleaning and disinfecting protocols (Where, When & How)

Education for Protection

We provide the correct tools and the training on best practices for cleaning your facility so you get a clean & safe environment.

Inspect for Protection

We provide the inspection and reporting tools so you can give peace of mind to your constituents.

Programs Built Around You

We offer the Parners in Protection Program specific to both the School & Long-Term Care Environments.

Download K-12 PIP GuideDownload Long Term Care PIP Guide
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Partners in Protection / Long Term Care Video

Facility Audits

Is your building(s) being cleaned and maintained properly? Is your housekeeping department under (or over) staffed? Are you cleaning in the most efficient and effective manner? Let a Kaeb Sanitary expert walk-through your facility and give you practical suggestions. We utilize Workloading and Facility Monitoring software to make sure your facility is as clean and safe as possible!
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ATP Monitoring

How do you know if your cleaning program is getting the results you expect?  Historically the cleaning industry has tested for proper cleaning results by visually inspecting surfaces.  Although visual inspections have their place, how can we truly verify if a surface is clean and sanitary?  By using an ATP Meter the Kaeb Sanitary experts can scientifically verify if your cleaning program is removing bacteria.  Watch the video to see how this works.

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